Symphonic Band

Concert Dress

Men: black dress pants or black khaki pants (no Dickies because of the red tag), white button down shirt (long sleeve), black socks, black dress shoes, and a tie of your choice. No jackets while performing.

Women: You may wear the same as the guys. You may also do a dressy white female blouse with black pants. If you do a dress, it must be all black (no polka-dots or stripes). Dresses or black skirts must be below the knees. Wear black flats or a 1 inch heel at the most. Avoid noisy shoes!

In most cases, you will sit in the audience when not performing, make sure your clothing looks professional and that you act professional when sitting and watching other groups perform.

Course Description

Sophomores and juniors primarily sign up for Symphonic Band as their band class.

This ensemble is by audition only (Freshmen may only sign up as a 2nd band class).

Upper classmen may enroll as a 2nd band class or may be placed here pending audition or class conflicts.

During the fall, the Symphonic Band learns all Pep music tunes for performance at selected Fremont football games and prepares a winter concert program in December. During the spring, the ensemble will perform Grade 3 (out of 6) music for concerts and festivals annually as part of its musical development and education. Intermediate techniques acquired through lower level ensembles will be enhanced through a higher level of musical development. In Symphonic Band, students are encouraged to make their own musical choices (phrasing, dynamics, etc.) in performance on a more regular basis. Music reading skills will be enhanced by a steady diet of Sight-Reading materials & music. One Concert Report or equivalent projects will be assigned per semester to focus on the National Music Standard of Reading & Writing about music. ALL BAND STUDENTS WILL DO 1 PARADE, THE NOVEMBER FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS IN LOS ALTOS ANNUALLY.

Winter Concert